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Assalaam Alaikum,

First of all thank you to all the participants who took part in “Jaffari Table Tennis Club Ramadhaan Tournament 2016”. Al-Hamdolillah, all the finals for mentioned categories were completed as planned. The event was extended to Sunday due to Amaal Night following on June 24, 2016.

Results are as follows:

A- Under 12 Beginners Group:
1- Br. Ali Ajwani = Winner
2- Br. Raheem Mawji = Runners-up
3- Br. Erfaan Hasham & Br. Kareem Mawji = Losing Semi- Finalist

B- Under 18 Intermediate Group:
1- Br. Muhammad Hasan Ali = Winner
2- Br. Muhammad Kazim Jessa = Runners-up
3- Br. Imran Esmail & Br. Rayhaan Datoo = Losing Semi- Finalist

C- Open Singles Group:
1- Br. Abbas Hasham = Winner
2- Br. Muhammad Hasan Ali = Runners-up
3- Br. Imran Esmail & Br. Muhammad Ali Jessa = Losing Semi- Finalist

D- Youth Doubles Group :
1- Br. Imran Esmail & Br. Farhan Mehdi = Winners
2- Br. Kareem Mawji & Br. Raheem Mawji = Runners-up
3- Br. Ejaaz Ali Hasham & Br. Mahdi Nanji Plus Br. Qayson Kara & Br. Rais Abbas Najarali = Losing Semi- Finalist

E- Open Doubles Group :
1- Br. Muhammad Hasan Ali & Br. Imran Esmail = Winners
2- Br. Abbas Hasham & Br. Hasnain Merchant = Runners-up
3- Br. Muhammad Ali Jessa & Br. Muhammad Kazim Jessa plus Br. Mahmood Punju & Br. Shabbir Kanjee = Losing Semi- Finalist

Please block your diaries for the Prize Distribution event scheduled for Saturday July 16, 2016 at 6:00 PM in Gameroom at Jaffari Community Centre.