JSB Scrabble club started early this year and currently holds sessions once a month for both ladies and gents. 

At the JSB Scrabble Club, we look forward to providing you with an environment in which games are matched to the level of the player. We hold a club session one Monday of the month. The club meets for roughly 2.5hours and play 2 scrabble games. 

Structure of the game is:

  • Registration is required so we can ensure pairing of games by level and equipment
  • 2 players per table unless there is an odd number of registrations
  • Both games are matched by the Coordinator
  • Timer is encouraged 
  • The games are structured with rules similar to North American Scrabble Rules
  • The Dictionary in use at the club is Merriam-Webster

So what are you still thinking about? Stop waiting (though ‘waiting’ would get you a seven-letter bingo in Scrabble), invite your friends and join us once a month to put those brains on a treadmill.

If you are a beginner or want to start playing contact us at


Sabira Najarali – Scrabble Coordinator

416 856 6299

Fatemah Manji – Scrabble Coordinator

647 879 4006

The Coordinator

Sr. Fatemah Manji

Women’s Events Lead

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Mondays Monthly 9AM - 10AM