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As Salaamun Alaykum to all Parents and Participants of the 2014 Mini World Cup – Day 2 Details:


IMG_1270_zps71d8fc5fBelow is important information about the tournament. You can also view PICTURES, the STANDINGS, and the Day 2 schedule by visiting the Mini World Cup Page:


Venue: Soccer fields at 9000 Bathurst Ave (JCC) at North West Corner of property


Registration: 7:45 AM – All Participants to be there to sign-in, meet their coaches and warmup


Day 1 was an exciting and fun day as we witnessed some exceptional talent from all of our participants. As Day 2 approaches the excitement builds as we come to the last Round Robin game and the Knock-out stages. Round robin allows the teams to get a feel for one another, strategize and execute. Day 2 will be filled with surprises as it comes down to any team taking the championship home!!


I would like to thank the volunteers and a few parents who reached out and proactively assisted us. Thank you for your suggestions and help to ensure the kids have an enjoyable experience – Look forward to partnering with you on Day 2.


Day 2 Info:

– Final day of Round Robin Play with Knock out stage to follow (Schedule has timing of event)


– Bring Rain Gear, Cleats, Shin Guards and Socks. For Under 15 you need to bring a WHITE and DARK shirt or jersey


– All players to arrive by 7:45am to Register and Warm-up – we need all Parents to ensure they are bringing their kids on time. We had a delay on Day 1 because not all attended at the time stated.


– Under 15 format has changed. It will be a 3 team tournament with each team getting 2 guaranteed games. The top 2 teams will play for the Championship.


– ALL PARENTS and/or GUARDIANS are recommended to stay at the field and be with your children. The coaches are there to help and assist but their focus to take care of their well being is solely during their matches. Please do not feel that this is a babysitting service as the intent of the tournament is to provide a supportive platform to develop and encourage.



– As the tournament naturally brings the competitive spirit amongst us all I urge the Parents and Coaches to encourage ALL CHILDREN. The intent and purpose of this tournament organized by the committee is to foster development and brotherhood. It is not to focus just on individual accomplishments. As a community our goal is to continuously support and encourage all participants.


– Coaches are doing an excellent job so far! I want to remind you to manage your team from off the field. The only time you can enter the field if there is a player injury or the referees provides permission to do so.


– Parents/Spectators to please sit on sidelines in the bleachers or in your own seat away from the field of play – allow for ample space on sidelines for the players and teams


– Thank you for your cooperation and continued support – look forward to an exciting Day 2!!



2014 Mini World Cup Organizing Committee